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Daymak Inc. 2 Year Limited Warranty

Daymak Inc. offers Limited Warranty coverage on manufacturers defective parts for its own products.  This warranty is included in your PDI charge, and covers all labor costs associated with the repair during the warranty period when repaired by Daymak.  Boxed units come with 14 days parts only warranty unless stated otherwise on the original signed receipt.  Invoice must be present at the time of repair for warranty to be valid. The warranty covers the motor & frame for a period of 2 years from date of sale, and 6 months coverage for any other defective parts not listed below, unless warranty is voided by terms set below. Daymak Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality of scooters. All of our authorized dealers are dedicated to providing the best care and service for your vehicle. We appreciate your business and value your feedback.

You can reach us anytime at:
134 Oakdale Road
Toronto, ON M3N 1V9


Scooter Warranty and PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Coverage:
- Regular warranty coverage is $139 for assembly, 6 months on parts & labour, and 2 years on motor and frame.  Delivery and shipping charges are not covered under the regular warranty.  This does not include regular wear and tear items such as brakes, flat tires, etc.

Toys Warranty and PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Coverage:

- $49 for assembly, 60 days parts and labour, and 6 month on the motor.

Pocket Bike & Dirt Bike Warranty and PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Coverage:
- $79 for assembly, 60 days parts and labour, and 1 year on the motor and frame.

ATV Warranty and PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Coverage:
- $99 for assembly, 90 days parts and labour, and 1 year on the motor and frame.

Your Warranty Does Not Cover:
- Any damage resulting from negligence of the periodic maintenance.          
- Any damage which results from repair, adjustment or maintenance operations by any methods other than those specified by Daymak Inc.
- Any damage which results from driving due to race, rally, or operation of the vehicle in a location that is not used for normal operational driving of such a vehicle.
- Any damage which results from use beyond the limitations specified in the Daymak Inc. Operations Manual such as overloading the vehicle, or any damage from the use under abnormal conditions (abuse of vehicle).
- Any damage caused when the product is used as a rental vehicle.
- Any damage which results from use of non-genuine parts or accessories (aftermarket/other dealer’s add-on/replacement parts).
- Any damage due to improper storage or transport of vehicle or batteries.
- Any damage which may results from repair, adjustment or maintenance operations performed by any person other than Daymak distributor (or the Daymak authorized Dealer).   
- Any damage which results from modifications of the product.
- Any damage that results from the passage of time (natural fading of painted surfaces, plated surfaces, sheet peeling, and other deterioration).
- Regular wear and tear items. Daymak will not warranty parts worn due to natural wear and tear (including, but not limited to, light bulbs, tubes, tires, worn brakes, cables, fuses, etc.).
- Any damage which results from unavoidable disasters (natural or otherwise) and/or secondary damages based on any of these occurrences (fire, flood, wind damage, snow, collision, theft, etc.).
- Incidental or additional expenses incurred for making the warranty repair at the location of purchase, such as towing, pick up and deliveries, as well as any losses during maintenance period, such as loss of time, loss of business and/or rental car expenses.
- Scheduled maintenance and inspections fees.


Customers Responsibility:
You must properly use, maintain and care for the vehicle as outlined in the Daymak owner’s manual. You must maintain a record of the vehicle’s required periodic service. Periodic service is considered regular maintenance and is not reimbursable. Follow all safety instructions in your owner’s manual and read all warning labels carefully. Remember to always wear safety gear when operating your scooter. A helmet is mandatory on all open vehicles. Please check your local municipality for any local operating laws.


What your Daymak Dealer Offers:
Warranty repairs will be made at no charge for parts or labour. The warranty on the new replacement parts shall be limited to the duration left on the original written warranty (as per customer’s original signed invoice). Your dealer will provide you with verbal instructions for operating your vehicle safely.



I have read and understand this document including coverage, exclusions, and requirements of the Daymak Inc. Limited Warranty. I have been made aware of the risks and of the safety precautions that should be considered when operating a scooter and are satisfied that proper instructions were provided and safety gear was offered at the time of purchase.